Parent Teacher Association

Dear Parents,


Johnson Grammar School had its PTA formed in the year 2017-2018 as an educational, non – political and non – commercial body with an objective to help enrich the school environment and provide the stake holders with all the required support.


Mission Statement



To forge close home – school contact and build a meaningful relationship between parents and teachers and work jointly for enhancing the welfare of the students.




  • To advance the education and all-round development of the students by strengthening relationships between teachers, parents and others associated with the School.
  • To promote welfare of the school students.
  • To create necessary consciousness among the parents as well as stimulate their interest in the education of their children.
  • To make for a healthy and sympathetic understanding of the education policies and programs of the school and thus influence to create a suitable environment for implementation of the same.


Constitution of PTA


  • Mothers of the students upto grade 7, are eligible to become the members of the PTA, as in the formative grades, she is generally a person who is more involved in all the nuances of the child’s development and will be able to understand their physical, emotional and psychological needs better. From grade 8 upwards, both the parents are eligible for the membership.
  • The Managing Committee of the PTA will be formed as far as practicable within a period of 2 (two) weeks from the date of formation of the PTA. A notice period of 1 (one) week will be given for the formation of the Managing Committee.
  • The management of the association is vested in the Executive Committee which consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and other representatives. Besides the Principal who is the Ex Officio, President of PTA, all the other posts are filled by drawing a lot / unanimous selection by the parents. The posts will be as described below for each of the branches (Mallapur- Senior Wing, Junior Wing & Habsiguda-Junior School).
  1. President – Principal / HMs of the respective wings.
  2. Vice President – from Parent Community of each wing
  3. Secretary – from Teaching Staff (1 from each wing)
  4. Joint Secretary – from Parent Community of each wing
  5. Members of each wing – 1 from every section of each grade – from Parent Community, 1 from every Grade – from Teaching Community


Membership to Managing Committee is for 1 year only. Please note that you can become the member of PTA Managing Committee only once in 3 years.


Roles and Responsibility of the PTA:


To see that the syllabus is completed as planned. The PTA Managing Committee partakes in assisting the school in planning co-curricular activities and co-operates and assists with such other activities of the school. The Committee will adhere to the minutes of the meetings held. The Committee will assist the school in other such issues including ensuring that parents follow the proper code of conduct during visits.


Note: PTA's role is limited to the above mentioned roles and responsibility. PTA and PTA Managing Committee are not permitted to intervene in the Day to Day affairs of the school Management.


Members shall be immediately terminated on the following grounds:


  • If a member is found acting prejudicially to the interest and working of the School and/or towards other members. Sufficient opportunity will be given to the member to submit an explanation. Final decision will be made by the School.
  • Any office holder of the association who goes into or intends to or is invited to or elected into partisan politics shall resign his PTA post or be requested to resign and vacate his post. Under no circumstances shall anyone involve the association into partisan politics.
  • If a member's child/children leave(s) the school.
  • If a member's employment at school is terminated.

Code of Conduct:


  • All communications will be as per the communication policy as mentioned in the communication section.
  • All PTA meetings will be held at the school.
  • No meeting will be held under the auspices of PTA outside the school or in a public place without the approval of the School Management.
  • The name of the PTA and the names of any members, in their official capacities, shall not be used by any member in connection with any commercial concern or for purpose not related to promotion of the objectives of the PTA.
  • No PTA member will communicate with any outside organization or persons in their official capacities without expressed permission of the School Management or a resolution of the PTA Management Committee.
  • The PTA is not expected to contravene policies or decisions of the School Management.
  • At no times will any aggressive behaviour, abusive language or character assaults be permitted. In the event that such practices are indulged in, the PTA Management Committee member will not be permitted to attend any further PTA meetings.
  • The PTA is not a platform for personal advancement or as a means to score favours with the Management & Teachers.
  • No special treatment shall be meted out to any Executive Committee member. Members follow ALL the rules and observe ALL the regulations laid down by the school and listed in the school Handbook, as well as those implied tacitly or explicitly by the school authorities- such as entry into the school, timings for meeting teachers, coordinators, principal, director, trustees etc. Parents should be modestly and appropriately attired at all times in the school.
  • No access to the Mailing List can be had under any pretext.
  • If any classes are taught or workshops are conducted by members, then it is done purely on voluntarily basis with no monetary or other remuneration expected.
  • It is mandatory for all the PTA members to attend all the meetings. If any of the PTA members remains absent for 2 consecutive meetings, his / her candidature as the PTA member will stand cancelled immediately and the position will be given to the next member in order.


If an elected parent tenders his resignation in writing to JOHNSON GRAMMAR SCHOOL due to his or her children leaving the school or are terminated, then a new member will be selected.  Any vacancy occurring in the executive committee of the association may be filled by a special meeting provided that the chairman on the advice of the executive members may appoint any member to fill such a vacant post until a substantive holder is elected.


PTA Meetings:


  • PTA Meetings will be held on a bi-monthly basis (on Second Saturdays) or as and when the need arises.
  • Prior notice / agenda will be given to all members (one week in advance).
  • Any point that is not on the agenda will not be discussed during the meeting.
  • Members, when unable to attend the meeting(s) should keep the school informed through mail.


Dissolution of PTA


The PTA will be automatically dissolved at the completion of one year (from the date of commencement).


PTA Nomination Form